Get to know Anja

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Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog 🙂

I’m Anja, a 30-year-old living in Atlanta, Ga that loves live, social media, dogs—I’m a huge animal rescue advocate, technology, makeup, photography, traveling and anything else that puts a smile on my face!

I was born and raised in Koeln, Germany and moved to the states at the sweet age of 16 when my Papa decided to take a job here. It was a life altering experience and I loved ever bit of it! 

In the summer of 2015 I graduated from Kennesaw State University with my degree in Communications with a concentration in PR. I stayed at KSU after graduating to complete my Graduate Certificate in Digital and Social Media. As you may be able to tell, I LOVE everything social media related! 

It was during my time at KSU that inspired me to start that this site! I know first hand how difficult it can be for emerging professionals to enter the world of Corporate America. I am hoping this site will inspire you to keep going and to follow your dreams, I hope it will give you great tips that will help you in your job search and most of all, I hope this site will make you believe that YOU can do it! You can live the life you want!

 What you will find on

  • My journey, challenges and tips as a young professional.
  • Posts about how you can work on your professional development, the newest technology trends and fashion/makeup tips for the everyday professional.
  • A weekly post about my top 3 articles.
  • A monthly review of a book that has truly inspired me.


From time to time I will probably mention my 3 fur babies, Gipsy, Roxy and Melo.

Gipsy is the little gray fur ball, she has been with me for the past 11 years and I love her dearly! Roxy is the cute brindle boxer and she just turned 7 this past November. Melo is the the newest member of the gang and has been with us since we rescued him at the young age of 3 months. He is now almost 4 years old :). I love animals and try to volunteer with Angels Among Us, a local rescue, whenever I can!!!


And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is who Anja Klokocka is.
A few fun details to leave you with: 
Favorite color: Turquoise
Favorite song: it’s newer, but I love its message! “Freedom” by Beyonce—Never quit on yourself!
Favorite food: No question, Italian food all the way!
Favorite place: Prague, Czech Republic
Favorite thing to do in my free time: Dancing, Smiling, and just being happy!



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