The Future of Social Media and PR/Strategic Communication

remember last October when I was looking at Kennesaw State University’s class schedule trying to do decide which class I should pick as my last elective and randomly stumbled upon COM 4415 PR Topics offered by Professor Dr. Amber Hutchins. Since I’ve always had a passion for Social Media, I figured taking a class on Social Media for Strategic Communication could not hurt, which is why I decided to sign up for it–turns out, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made :)!

During this semester, we learned how to audit our own Social Media presence to ensure we are presentable for potential future employers, got amazing tips on how to properly set up our LinkedIn profile and the many ways one can use it–thanks to the wonderful Ashli Davis, along with many other wonderful topics we learned.

Two particular topics that stood out to me where Visual Social Media and Influencers.

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Visual Social Media is one trend that I am extremely thankful for and I believe it can be very beneficial to almost any company. As you may or may not know, I am a huge addict of all things beauty related and think it is a huge advantage to be able to see how a product is intended to use rather than just read about it.

One company that I find uses Visual Social Media in an amazing way through out their Instagram account is Sephora 

Sephora has found an amazing way of being able to showcase all the different brands that they sell without causing any conflict. They also post videos on how to use certain products, which is always a plus!

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Well this was a really fun day! But I'm sad that it's almost over . As my @DressYourFace Sephora Takeover comes to an end, I want to leave you all with this incredible video showing my very own before & after transformation on camera! (Thank you to @liverichmedia for filming this for me!) I hope I didn't scare you all during the process! 🙈 If you haven't had enough of me yet (😉), I would like to officially invite all of you to come join me LIVE tonight at 8pm PST while I teach the Ultimate Contour Class using my favorite Sephora products on my online makeup school at! And as a thank you to all of you who joined my Sephora takeover today, I am offering this special class FREE! . 🙆Yes, FREE. And one very lucky viewer will also win a special package from me and @Sephora filled with some of the best contouring goodies you can lay your hands on! So click the link in my bio on my @dressyourface page to register for this LIVE class on ❤ See you all in just a couple hours! Signing out till next time… ~@DressYourFace #SephoraTakeover #ContouringMagic

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As I mentioned before, I love all things beauty related and follow a lot of companies on Social Media such as Benefit, Too Faced, Nars, Mac, and so many more. I have noticed more and more cosmetics brands that are reaching out to Influencers on Social Media, especially those that have a huge fan base on YouTube. I think it’s a brilliant idea that companies are reaching out to Influencers as they evoke more of a emotional response in a consumer and many times appear more credible than the company itself. A key Influencer that I’ve been following for years now is Jaclyn Hill, who is just shy of 2 million subscribers on YouTube! Jaclyn posts anything from her favorite skin care routine to her favorite makeup brushes. In a recent video, she mentioned her favorite self tanner, Loving Tan, and within just a few hours it was sold out–that’s a powerful influencer!!! 


Honestly, I have no clue how Social Media will affect PR in the future, simply because I am unsure how much more it can advance in my lifetime. I’m an 80’s baby, therefore, technology has drastically improved from the days I received my first Gameboy. I’m sure it will improve, matter of fact I know it will, just right now, I cannot imagine how… I’m sure PR will become more and more Social Media focused and News Release and such in the future will probably have to start involving images to help with Visual Social Media. I think more companies will also start using Influencers to promote their newest products instead of spending thousands of dollars on campaigns. I do believe it will be important for Influencers to be selective on what products they talk about, otherwise, they could lose their credibility.  With that being said, I do think in recent years companies have done a fine job trying to keep up with Social Media trends and they have learned how to adapt to the changes and continuing to reach their target audience. Some companies have missed opportunities by using the wrong tone when sharing content on Social Media and have learned the hard way that by simply erasing a tweet it doesn’t just go away, but over all, I think companies are heading in the right direction!

What do you guys think? Do you think there will be a drastic change? I’d love to know your thoughts!

Thanks for stopping by!

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