The Unknown of Social Media

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I have always had a passion for social media and try to keep up with all of its latest trends! So it was a no brainer for me to sign up for the Graduate Certificate in Digital and Social Media at Kennesaw State University. My first class as part of the program is COM 5100: Social Media Theory and Concepts and I’m very excited to be able to expand my knowledge on social media. There are 3 concepts in particular that I am looking forward to learn more about:

Activism and Slacktivism

I have honestly never heard of the term “slacktivism”, which is why I’m very eager to learn more about it. From the research that I have done, I believe that I am a slacktivist because I support a lot of causes online. I’m furthermore excited to learn on how a slacktivist could be turned into an activist. I think this concept is very interesting because of recent events that have taken place and how social media has influenced the media to cover these events and have caused younger generations to take actions.


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I am somewhat familiar with Crowdsourcing and ways that it can be used and be beneficial. I think it is a fantastic idea for a new company to be able to get feedback on their idea and/or products by using a crowdsource method, which will be a lot more affordable. I am interested to learn of some of the risks involved with crowdsourcing and how exactly one can go about using crowdsourcing.

Can you really make an income by creating YouTube videos and blogging?

I have always been fascinated how YouTube gurus such as Jaclyn Hill became YouTube sensation with well over 2 million followers. But what I am even more intrigued about is how they make such a good living off of videos and blogging. Jaclyn Hill is simply inspiring as she is currently working on her own makeup line and has recently launched the quickest selling item in Sephora history. But how can someone earn an income by simply posting a YouTube video and blogging? There are many blogs that I follow that do blogging for a living, which sounds like a dream come true, but I would like to learn more on how this is achievable. 

I’ll be glad to share with you what else I have learned over the course of this class, but would like to know what some of the social media concepts are that you would like to learn more about. Please feel free to share any information you have with me!

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